Meet your trustee – Glenn Peri


Picture: Trustee, Te Runanga o Ngāti Maru, Glenn Peri


“Have trust that your Runanga and Negotiators are doing their best for Ngāti Maru. The team are committed to delivering and representing you all consistently, openly and will forge solid foundations for the future of Ngāti Maru.”


Holistic education, health initiatives, commercially sound investment portfolios, and the return of significant lands identified by Ngāti Maru are just some of the things Glenn Peri wants the Runanga to focus on in the future.

Of Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Teika, and Ngāti Mutunga, Glenn has an unwavering commitment to his whanau, iwi and the wider community.

“I have a passion for Māori development, improvement and employment and am surrounded by a huge network of talented individuals from all walks of life. I have a passion for making things better than I find them!” he says.

When Glenn’s not looking at ways to improve outcomes for his people, he’s busy operating his numerous businesses. He owns four companies and focuses his energy on problem solving and solutions without dwelling on problems.

His career highlights have included his nomination to the Runanga, the MSD Maori Innovation Development Board, and his marae trust.

Although what he’s really proud of seeing his employee’s go from strength to strength within his businesses, even getting some of them off the streets.

“80 percent of my employees are Māori. It’s about empowering them and at the same time changing the dynamics of Māori employment and environments for them to strive. That’s my buzz, my motivator.”

Glenn’s message for Ngāti Maru whanau regarding the treaty settlement journey is simple – “Ask for help and support when needed, help our negotiators meet given deadlines and stay positive with them. Engage with surrounding Iwi, inform consistently with our people all the way through the whole process and at times, remember to forgive when its needed.”


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