We’re gathering a register of all descents who are directly aligned with or associated with Ngati Maru Iwi.

Together, we can preserve our identity and culture, keeping the origins of the Ngati Maru tribe alive.

It’s important that we all register.

Register Now buttonWe need your help to tell our whānau.

The Ngati Maru register is the register of Ngati Maru o Taranaki people which is maintained by the runanga by registering you:

Acknowledge your whakapapa and connection to Ngati Maru Iwi; Are eligible to vote in runanga elections; Be informed on Ngati Maru o Taranaki’s latest projects and developments; Eligible to participate and contribute to the Ngati Maru Treaty settlement process and Foreshore and Seabed settlement; etc…

We need to gather registrations in asap.

Please click on the ‘register now’ button below to find out how you can obtain a registration form and follow the steps you need to take.
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Ngati Maru - a place we call home...

Located within the natural flora and fauna of Tarata, adjacent to the shimmering hue of the Waitara river, is a marae local Iwi and Hapu call Te Upoko o te Whenua.
Akin to the Ngati Maru Iwi, the marae has over a generation become the foundation of many whanau, most of whom have partaken in the development of what it stands for today, "a place they can call home".

Ngati Maru Marae

Latest News

Good news – you’re already eligible to participate in the Maru fisheries election

Kia ora whanau

I’m happy to tell you that The Chief Returning Officer for the upcoming Ngati Maru (Taranaki) Fisheries Trust election has decided that, as long as you are registered with EITHER Te Runanga o Ngati Maru (Taranaki) OR the Ngati Maru (Taranaki)  Fisheries Trust you are eligible to participate in the upcoming election process for the Fisheries Trust. That means you can stand for election as a Fisheries Trustee, nominate candidates and vote too.

For more details please see the attached panui from Anthony Morton (Chief Returning Officer – ph 0800 666 043) of Electionz.com. Also visit iro@electionz.com for queries regarding new registrations or nominations@electionz.com for queries on how to stand as a candidate for the Fisheries Trust.

Noho ora mai
Holden Hohaia

Adult Registered Member Definition (2)

Minutes of Maru Runanga AGM held 29 May @ the Pa

Minutes of Runanga AGM held 29 May @ Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae

Ngati Maru (Taranaki) Fisheries Trust – Register to have your say :)

Kia ora koutou e te whanau

Please find attached an advert that appeared in the Taranaki Daily News yesterday (1 June). It is from Electionz.com on behalf of the Ngati Maru Taranaki Fisheries Trust and is about the upcoming elections for this Trust.

The Fisheries Trust is a legally separate entity from Te Runanga o Ngati Maru and currently runs its own tribal register.

The attached panui explains how to register on the Fisheries Trust and how to stand for the Trust,  and for all queries please contact the independent returning officer listed below

Anthony Morton – Chief Returning OfficerNgati Maru (Taranaki) Fisheries Trust: Election Helpline: 0800 666  043,  iro@electionz.com


Noho ora mai – Holden




AGM – Sunday 29 May 2016, 10am




Kia ora whanau. Nau mai haere mai

The Runanga is holding its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 29 May 10am @ Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae (1704 Tarata Road). The following agenda items will be discussed:

  • A report back on the activities of the Trust during the preceding income year
  • A report on the audited accounts for the preceding year
  • General business

Note the Marae Trust is also holding its AGM on the same day at 1pm, also at Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae.

Whanau are welcome to attend the Runanga AGM in the morning, join us for a shared kai at approx midday, and then attend the Marae Trust AGM in the afternoon.

E te whanau, tenei te reo karanga mahana ki a tatou katoa o Ngati Maru  kia taki haere mai ki to tatou marae kia whakarongo ki nga kaupapa o te tau kua hipa atu nei.

Queries: Contact Pare-Hayward 022 310-2459


Treaty Claims Negotiator Wanted

The Crown recognised the Ngati Maru (Taranaki) Deed of Mandate on 29 March 2016.  This enables the Runanga to negotiate the settlement of Ngati Maru’s historic Treaty of Waitangi claims.

The Rūnanga is now heading into the Terms of Negotiation phase and is seeking a Treaty Claims Negotiator to join its Negotiations Team.

Our desired candidate would possess the following skills:

*Prior Experience with Negotiation

*Experience in historical research teams

*Familiar with government policies particularly in the claims context

*Have worked in the Māori sector,

*Excellent Communication skills (Māori, written, oral)

*Management level report writing skills,

*A flexible work schedule.

*A deep understanding of Treaty of Waitangi Claims and related issues with Ngāti Maru

Please send applications to Nathan Peri at nathan.peri@xtra.co.nz.

Enquiries can also be made to Nathan on 027 659 8982.

Closing date is 27th of April 2016.

Ngati Maru newsletter – March 2016 Maru Mandate recognised, Iwi Aspirations Hui 8 May & Negotiators Needed

Kia ora mai tatou.

Please see our latest Maru newsletter – Maru Mandate recognised by Crown, Iwi Aspirations Hui 8 May, Negotiators Needed and more. You may have already received this through our mailchimp account.

Enjoy and feedback welcome.


Ngati Maru newsletter January 2016

Our latest Ngati Maru newsletter celebrating Ngati Maru success, an update on the claims and much more. Enjoy! Any feedback regarding our newsletter please do comment or let us know.

Deed of Mandate & Attachments

Tena tatou te Iwi o Ngati Maru

Please find enclosed downloadable copies of
(1) Final Draft of DEED OF MANDATE &
(2) Related Attachments

for your perusal.  Simply click on the links below.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us.
Noho ora mai
Pare Hayward (Communications Co-ordinator)


2015 1211 TRoNMT DoM attachments (final)

Crown Endorses Maru Runanga Deed of Mandate – Invites Submissions

Kia ora Maru whanau. The Crown has endorsed the Ngati Maru Runanga Deed of Mandate and invites submissions. Click  here for the Deed: Final Signed DoM for notification or here Final Ad Proof for DoM notification to view the newspaper advert that explains how to make a submission. Or come along to the hui at Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae on Sunday 13 Dec (see details below) to learn more. Any queries contact Holden Hohaia ph 029 6500759





Invitation to a “Claims” Update Hui.

Kia ora Whānau. The Rūnanga is holding a short hui to give an update on the “Claims Process”.
DATE : 13 December 2015
TIME : 2pm – 3pm
VENUE : Te Ūpoko o te Whenua Marae, TARATA
Bring your questions, your thoughts, or just come along to find out more.  All of Ngāti Maru are welcome.

Note : An Earlier Hui is being held for the Owners of Ngāti Maru A – F Land Blocks. So if are you attending the earlier hui, please feel free to stay for the afternoon session as well.

Nau Mai, Haere Mai tātou Ngā Uri o Ngāti Maru Taranaki.

Pare Hayward (Registrar & Communications Co-ordinator)